Poor Health and Post baby Weight Gain

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For some women, pregnancy can deliver more than a bouncing bundle of joy. Unexplained weight gain, fatigue, mood changes and poor health are just some of the symptoms you may encounter post partum.

A number of hormonal changes occur during pregnancy and birth, this is normal. However, other changes may play a role that leave you feeling unwell and depleted.

This is why Metabolic Mapping and Hormonal Profiling can provide a new path to wellness.

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Lose Weight With PCOS and Fall Pregnant Naturally!

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2006 after gaining 14 kilos in a year and struggling to fall pregnant.

I tried various diets, medications and fertility treatments for the next three years, but nothing made a difference. I came across MassAttack and completed my Health and Hormone Assessment. Within four months I had lost 10 kilos and was pregnant!

Tina shared her story with Cosmo Pregnancy.

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Lose Weight With Endometriosis

weightloss naturally michelle

Declared "clinically infertile" after years of IVF treatment and spurred by unexplained weight gain and the debilitating pain and symptoms caused by Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis, after starting my program and following my recommendations, Michelle's dream of becoming a mum came true ...

Michelle (shown here with he little one) was more than happy to share her story with Take5 magazine.

(Read full article as featured in Take 5)

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Menopause, Hashimoto's and Weight Gain

Hashimoto's disorder had left me feeling unwell, lethargic, bloated and overweight. After years of feeling unwell, the positive diagnosis was a relief, however I had no idea how to manage my condition properly. I had the reason was I was feeling this way I had no solutions.

Starting MassAttack changed that. I now have more energy, feel fantastic and find maintaining my weight is remarkably easy. Returning to my slim size 10 has restored my self esteem and it's great to feel like me again.

I recommend the MassAttack program to everyone and they too have had great results.

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Stress and Weight Gain

I tried every diet in the book over the last 10 years with each one shouting they had the answer.

Now I know that unless you work out the causes of why you're putting on the weight, no pill, diet or exercise program is going to work because your body is fighting against you.

I was shocked to find out that stress was making me fat. I did work shift work, and I was feeling pretty exhausted and burnt out, but until I had my metabolic map and hormonal profile done, I had never linked it together.

Kelly was more than happy to share her story with Womans Day.

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Lose Weight and Stop Period Pain

weightloss naturally joanne

For years I had battled with painful, heavy periods and no matter what I did, I just could not maintain a healhty body weight.

I was a size 18 and approaching my 40th birthday. Clearly I needed to lose weight. But how was I going to break the weight loss cycle - lose weight, gain weight and lose weight again? I was disillusioned by why I couldn't lose weight. I wanted a long-term healthy solution and I just knew that there had to be a reason why losing weight was so hard!

Joanne was more than happy to share her story with New Idea.

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Get on Top Of Emotions

I liked that they saw things differently at MassAttack. I had tried everything and nothing seemed to work.

To Narelle weight gain was a symptom of imbalance - which is why the simple formula of eat less and exercise more didn't work for me.

As a naturopath Narelle saw things differently and her program applied a common sense approach to weight loss.

My VLA and coaching sessions were so motivating. She encouraged me to take responsibility for my own health and I really liked that.

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Freedom From Menopause and Fatigue

weightloss naturally val

For 59-year-old Val Pope from Port Lincoln, SA, life with a thyroid condition and menopause had left her fat, unhappy and exhausted. But her life was transformed when she discovered an amazing new natural weight loss program...

I've been overweight probably for most of my adult life. Not excessively, but it was always a battle. I love my food and I'm an emotional eater too - I'd cope with stress or boredom by turning to food. It was just how I’d deal with life. Comfort food, and cravings; that’s what I was all about.  No wonder I couldn’t lose weight!

But MassAttack changed all of that!

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Beat PCOS and Fall Pregnant Easily

Having PCOS meant that I struggled with my weight for years. I would gain weight, go on a diet to lose it, only to gain weight again. Losing weight was a constant battle with PCOS and I had almost given up. I managed to fall pregnant with PCOS after years of trying with my first baby, but I thought losing weight and getting my body back after having my baby was never going to happen.

Having PCOS definitely made losing weight harder for me, but the MassAttack natural weight loss program made it seem almost too easy. The best part is I fell pregnant quickly the second time around. I think knowing what I could eat & what to stay away from definitely made it easier.

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Balance Thyroid Problems and Restore Energy

weightloss naturally val

I thought I knew everything there was to know about weight loss and diets because I'd done every diet imaginable.

But no matter how much I exercised or cut calories, I still needed to lose weight.

It made sense that it was my hormones causing my cravings, because they were worse before my period and it meant that all the good effort I had put in through the month was wasted!

This is one of the main reasons why I struggled to maintain a healthy body weight.

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You Can Lose Weight After Baby

When I was about 27, my husband and I started trying for a baby. We tried for about six months, and over that time all I did was gain weight. I went to the doctor to find out why and he said, 'I can't give you an answer for that. But what I can tell you is that you're three weeks pregnant!'

I was overjoyed, but during the pregnancy I put on somewhere between 20 and 25 kilos! It wasn't because I pigged out during my pregnancy - I ate fairly normally. I had a desk job, so I sat on my butt for eight hours a day, but I'd been doing that for a number of years!

In the months after Nathan's birth, I struggled to lose the weight. I was tired, depressed and struggling to lose weight after pregnancy. Massattack changed all that!

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No More Baby Blues

weightloss naturally val

My name is Yvonne and I came to Narelle and her team tired, over weight and just plain ready to quit on the idea of ever feeling healthy and normal again.

For the last 5 years since the birth of my son I have had many illnesses, including post natal depression, gall bladder removal and a liver infection just to name a few.

My main complaints were painful heavy long periods, the feeling of being absolutely exhausted all the time, moody, foggy headed and I had put gained a lot of weight, although I didn't know how it happened and I just felt like I had lost me.

I wanted to feel good about myself again, inspired, well and strong. I need to pick myself up out of the black whole of darkness, but needed guidance and help. MassAttack did exactly that ...

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Live Happily With Lupus and Get Your Life Back

Confined to my bed and plagued with fatigue, body pain and poor health, I had struggled with my weight for well over two decades due to Lupus.

However, I knew I wanted more out of life. Surely, I could turn my life around? Finding MassAssack was a life changing moment and now I live mostly pain free and have lost over 20 kilos.

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"Mass Attack is the first natural weight loss program I've tried that actually looks at each individual case and identifies exactly what foods you should and shouldn't be eating.

While most weight loss programs just try to help you lose weight, Mass Attack tries to find out why you've gained weight in the first place! In most cases, it's a hormonal imbalance but what that imbalance is can be different for everyone. It also means that foods which I thought were doing me good were actually working against me!

After I filled in the online survey about my symptoms, the Mass Attack natural weight loss program provided a hugely detailed rundown of what the issues were that my body was facing and why I felt the way that I did - and suddenly a lot of things started making a lot of sense!

With foods listed into groups of Eat Most, Eat Moderately, and Eat Least, the program couldn't have been easier to follow, and once I started taking the supplements I immediately felt more energetic. Yes, the weight has finally started coming off but better yet, the program has helped in areas that I wasn't even expecting, such as less painful periods and reduced PMS. You've gotta be happy with that!"



"Not only did I manage to lose over twenty kilos in weight, but my health has improved out of sight! I no longer turn into Mrs Hyde each month, but have the energy and good health to enjoy my life and my family" RL

"In ten weeks I have dropped 6 kgs and reduced my body fat to 24%!!!!! I am so pleased with how I look and feel and it's all been so simple" SS

"I am feeling FANTASTIC!!! My energy levels are soaring, moods are becoming constantly UP. I'm feeling about 20 years old." DB

"After just 1 month on the program in January this year, my period came back, the first I had had since my son was born almost 3 years ago" KE

"Narelle's tools and knowledge have helped me to incorporate simple changes, which, when added to a minimal exercise regime of only about 30 minutes walking per day, plus Mass Attacks natural vitamin supplements, have seen me go from a size 16 to a 14 within two months" LC

"I have managed to make the changes with minimal disruption to my normal life. So far in 3.5 weeks I have gone from 75.6kg to 71.8kg which I am very happy with" NF

"Thank you so much for your program, it has made a real difference to me and it is easy to follow and I am seldom hungry. So a big thankyou from me!!!" AM

"The fog that I was feeling has lifted and I feel like a new person with lots more energy and patience" MO

"I have seen fantastic results for week one. I have lost 2kgs, 3cms off my waist, 5cms off my hips and 6cms off my midriff!" IB

"I find since starting the nutrient program I have a lot more energy" JC

"You are fabulous. You have cured me almost overnight. It never occurred to me that the foods I eat affect my state-of-mind" KC

"Thank you so much, I am just so grateful that at last I have found something that really works! Gone are the cravings for sweet carbs, the gnawing ache inside for food!" LD

"I am pleased to say I have the program and nutrients and only after three days I am feeling less fuzzy in the head." GD

"Since adopting the eating plan and taking the recommended supplements in addition to losing weight, I no longer suffer from bloating and stomach discomfort. I have more energy for exercise." MG

"I have lost 5kgs and I am now down from a 16 to a size 14. This is wonderful" RG

"I am loving the Mass Attack program! It has made such a difference" EJ

"On the whole I do feel much better and have lost around six kilos in just over seven weeks" AL

"The literature which was sent to me makes me feel that you really do understand what is happening to me." BM

"I feel I could take on anything…that’s how much better I feel. In fact my business is really starting to take shape because of all the energy I have." KR

"I have now lost 13kg, am amazed it seems to be just falling off me without even trying, I'm rapped" TV

"I feel like I have heaps more energy. Energy levels are great. …less anxious, less irritable (hubby certainly noticed). My food cravings overall have subsided somewhat. Very nice feeling, just feeling much more relaxed and in control..." LD

"My cravings for sweet foods have practically diminished altogether" CB

"I feel very well, I sleep well, and feel that I am coping with the workload, and my general health is very good." MM

"Stress levels are coming down and I'm generally feeling not as "edgy" as I was. Energy levels seem to be getting better slowly as well. My pimples/acne have almost gone away." KD

"I followed the diet and lost 8kgs, but this was not the best thing that happened. I began to feel like I had energy, I could go for a walk without falling in to a heap; I didn't get that feeling like my mind was cloudy, I began to look healthy and didn’t feel tired all the time." YM

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Once you come on board with me, I will create your very own, personal health plan. Just for you.

You will benefit from over 10 years of research and clinical experience. Working with me will help you to feel great and look fantastic.

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