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The viral infection that changed my life forever

Infections, either bacterial or viral can trigger a cascade of changes that trigger chronic health conditions such as Hashimotto's thyroiditis and Systemic lupus erythematosus.

Symptomatic Health Screening combined with targeted pathology testing is a easy first step towards wellness and maintaining a healthy body weight, as Bev discovered.

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Bev's Story

But then I went to Penang for a holiday in 1985 and a virus left me with Lupus. My life changed forever. I came back feeling really sick. I was fatigued and always incredibly tired, I had rotten headaches and migraines, I was feverish, swollen with fluid retention, bloated and had heart palpitations. Within 12 months I suffered from sudden weight gain and my weight ballooned to 16 stone.

After numerous visits to the doctors with nil results and blood tests for thyroid came back normal. I had ECGs, blood tests for everything... and each doctor basically treated me like I was crazy and there was nothing wrong. It was like they thought feeling unwell was all in my head. Eventually when they got sick of me, they said, "Oh it must be early menopause." I was 26 years old.

The years went on and still nobody knew what was wrong and they just couldn't find out why I had gained weight so suddenly and was so unwell. My symptoms of fatigue and weight gain to name a few, continued to grow and I just did my best to try to cope with them. I tried over the counter formulations such as glucosamine, vitamin D, joint formulas, and fish oils with little success.

My symptoms grew worse after a family trauma that left me devastated. I was extremely tired and sensitive to the cold, so I had to wear thermal underwear under my clothing at night because my bones would ache.

It was 19 years and seven months before I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, a chronic autoimmune connective tissue disease that can affect any part of the body and which finally explained all my mysterious symptoms and rapid weight gain. It also explained why weight loss was so difficult.

Joining MassAttack was my first step in the right direction. I wanted to feel well again and enjoy my life.

Narelle's Comments

Bev's story is a perfect example of how important hormonal profiling and wellness mapping is. We see all too often the effects of 'blanket treatments' that treat the symptom rather than the cause. These can be either natural as in the case of over the counter vitamins and herbal preparations, to prescriptive medications.

It is important to remember that to restore long term health, you need to identify the initial cause and this takes time and expertise. Investing time into getting to the 'root' cause of Bev's health challenges is what made the difference.

This is what Bev's 'wellness' map looked like:

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After chatting to Bev and extensive targeted pathology testing, I established the underlying trigger was caused by the viral infection. To improve Bev's health and wellness, we needed to first address the underlying viral infection; many of her symptoms and underlying health challenges were stemming from there.

Bev's treatment strategy included a personalized tonic using traditional medicinal herbs such anti viral herbs and Turmeric to decrease inflammation. Hemidesmus combined with Echinacea and Rehmannia were also included to improve immune regulation. Other herbs were included throughout her treatment to support hormonal balance and improve glucose control.

Targeted dietary changes to support healthy hormonal balance were provided in an easy to understand format, that fitted well with Bev's busy life.

Personalized orthomolecular therapy and nutritional therapy, formed part of Bev's long term plan.

These changes, combined with gentle detoxification techniques; gently guided her health to new levels.

Her new wellness plan was a must for overcoming her symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, body temperature changes, hormonal imbalance and weight gain.


Today, Bev has restored energy levels and is no longer in chronic pain. Her outlook on life is vibrant and positive and she is returning to a healthy body weight. Her health is back on track.

Bev's MassAttack Achievements:

  • Lost 15kg easily
  • No more fatigue
  • No more pain
  • Successful Lupus Management
If you were reading Bev's journey and thought "this is happening to me" then you should take action.

So many women have joined MassAttack and been successful. The key is to learn the truth about hormones and the truth about the foods that can work against your hormonal profile.

Take action now with one easy payment of $149 to get you started.


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