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Can Stress Make You Fat?

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Clinical research supports the theory that stress hormones contribute to unexplained weight gain in women; especially around the middle. The cause of stress induced weight gain can vary depending on other underlying hormonal imbalances, such as adrenal gland weakness or female reproductive hormone imbalance.

This was the case for Kelly Woodford, 36, who lost 26kg in 6 months, by using the MassAttack program.

Kelly's Story

"I have tried every weight loss group and diet in the book. I had also tried taking supplements like kelp, vitamin D, B vitamins and spirulina, but nothing worked. That's when I decided to try MassAttack." says Kelly.

"I couldn't sleep and was very moody the 10 days before a period and my breasts were so sore I couldn't touch them. I also used to have massive cravings before a period and would get very cranky and irritable.

"Now after taking the herbs and nutritional supplements which helped control the stress hormone cortisol (as a nightshift paramedic my stress levels were pretty high!), and walking a few times a week, my symptoms and moods were much better. These days instead of a bulging waistband I have a bulging wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes."

Narelle's Comments

A thorough review of Kelly's profile revealed five underlying causes of weight gain. Kelly's 'unwellness' path looked like this:

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A thorough review of Kelly's health assessment, revealed the need for further targeted testing.

In Kelly's case there was low libido, mood problems and her adrenals in overdrive. She had strong cravings for salty foods, was experiencing sleep problems and was experiencing foggy thinking. This left her relying on stimulants like coffee and alcohol to get her through the day.

We formulated a weight loss tonic that kept cortisol and other hormones on an even keel; we decreased oestrogen levels by getting her to eat legumes such as beans and lentils and took her off foods that affected her thyroid such as soy, uncooked spinach and broccoli. Although Kelly did not have a diagnosed underactive thyroid problem, her symptoms suggested it was still slightly underactive. Supplements, diet and exercise were enough to address subtle hormonal imbalances.


Within one short month of Kelly starting my program, her energy had returned to normal, she had kicked the cravings and was back to normal sleeping patterns. Her weight was falling off and she was feeling great.

"The guidance, level of care and professionalism was amazing. I highly recommend the MassAttack program."

Kelly Woodford, Victoria Australia

Kelly's MassAttack Achievements:

  • Lost 26kg in 6 months
  • Improved sleep
  • No PMS
  • Improved energy

Getting Started

If you were reading Kelly's journey and thought this is happening to me then you should take action now.


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