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Relief From PCOS and Endo Pain

lose weight with endometriosis

Although there is no one single cause of PCOS or endometriosis, research indicates that a number of factors such as body pH, bacteria, digestive disturbances, immune imbalance and environmental toxins play a role.

Successful treatment of endometriosis needs to not only treat the symptoms (pain, hair loss etc), but more importantly, treat the cause.

This is why segmentation based multilayer diagnosis plays such a crucial role in effective endometriosis care, as Michelle Curmi from Melbourne discovered.

Michelle's Story

I was frustrated with the painful heavy periods that came every month. By the time I was 20, they had become so irregular, and in the end they had stopped completely.

I was bloated, tired, suffering from cystitis and gaining weight.. I had tried so many things from my local vitamin store, like acidophilus, ginseng, evening primrose oil and cranberry capsules, but despite spending over $30 on a consultation and $80 a month on vitamins, nothing seemed to work. In fact, the cranberry actually made my symptoms worse!

To top it off, my husband and I had been TTC for a number of years and regardless of numerous IVF cycles, we had no success. I finally gave up hope when told I was clinically infertile. A number of years past and my relationship dissolved. I finally decided it was time for me now.

I discovered the MassAttack program and joined to try to get to the cause of my health problems and endometriosis pain. Their tailored approach made so much sense. I realised that for years I had been masking my symptoms and making it harder to get a correct diagnosis. I have never looked back.

The great news is, I fell in love again and on May 28, 2007, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Tane.

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Narelle's Comments

Michelle's story is a perfect example of the importance of comprehensive diagnostic techniques in the effective natural treatment of PCOS and endometriosis.

Like many chronic health conditions, PCOS and endometriosis management requires a taoilored approach. It is important to remember restoring health relies on the correct identification of the initial cause. This takes time and expertise. Investing time into getting to the 'root' cause of Michelle's health challenges is what made the difference. Michelle's weight gain was multi-dimensional and with 6 key influences influencing her bodies pH, it was little wonder she couldn't lose weight. Michelle's un wellness path is outlined below:

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Redefining Her Path to Wellness

After chatting to Michelle and reviewing her initial assessment and previous blood test results, I established her current path to unwellness. This then lead to further targeted testing to get to the cause.

From this point on, I established her 'metabolic map' and 'hormonal profile' to not only improve her PCOS and endometriosis, but also restore energy and digestive health. To do this we needed to rebalance her bodies pH, rebalance hormones and optimise fertility. It was time to guide Michelle as to how to safely and effectively mange her conditions.

Restorative Planning

Michelle's restorative plan included a personalized tonic using traditional medicinal herbs such Golden Seal and Thyme to restore digestive health and Withania combined with Albizzia to lower inflammation and improve immunity. Other herbs such as Cramp bark, Chase tree and Poke root were included throughout her treatment to restore menstrual regularity and ovulation. Herbs to support Interstitial Cystits such as Crataeva and Buchu were also applied throughout her treatment plan.

Targeted dietary changes to support her conditions, including limiting lamb and dairy and eating more legumes and alkalizing foods were provided in an easy to understand format, that fitted well with Michelle's busy life.

Personalized orthomolecular therapy and nutritional therapy, formed part of Michelle's long term plan. These changes, combined with gentle detoxification techniques; gently restored balance and guided her health to new levels. Her new wellness plan was a must for overcoming her symptoms and improving fertility.


Today, Michelle has restored energy levels and is no longer bloated or suffering from debilitating endometriosis pain. Her immune system is healthy and because she manages her PCOS, she has lost weight. She has her health and 'body back'.

Michelle's MassAttack Achievements:

  • No more period pain
  • Perfect size 10
  • Falling pregnant against the odds
  • Improved energy

Getting Started

If you were reading Michelle's journey and thought this is happening to me then you should take action now.


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