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How My Thyroid Caused Weight Gain

There are many factors that can trigger a thyroid imbalances in women. Among these are hormones associated with stress, pregnancy, menopause, PCOS, autoimmune changes, bacteria, virus, environmental pollutants or diet.

For many women, a combination of these factors trigger a cascade of metabolic imbalances, causing unexplained weight gain. Metabolic mapping and hormonal profiling play such a crucial role in effective thyroid support, as Val Pope from Adelaide discovered.

Val's Story

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I've been overweight probably for most of my adult life. Not excessively, but it was always a battle. But strangely enough, when I started to approach menopause, my health problems really started. I was pretty stressed and although I was on top of it, I knew it wasn't helping my health. I felt so exhausted I could hardly get out of bed.

Eventually I saw a doctor and was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. I had radioiodine treatment, however unfortunately the end result was that my thyroid became underactive and my weight ballooned to 95kg. I felt tired, exhausted and miserable. Depression would come on easily and my moods were all over the place.

During my struggles, I came across a thyroid support group, which gives all thyroid sufferers access to professionals who can help them with various problems. They also had a newsletter which was quite informative. It was while I was reading one of these newsletters, that I came across an article that stopped me in my tracks. In it, they discussed in depth the link between weight gain and an underactive thyroid. I had always suspected that this was the case, but this was the first time I'd ever read anything that confirmed it. The article mentioned a natural weight loss program called Mass Attack, run by Naturopath Narelle Stegehuis, that worked at dealing with those issues.

Everything that Mass Attack was saying made so much sense and it really made me stand up and take notice of them. It was an awesome moment. Realising there was a link between my stress, my weight, my thyroid condition, medication and my menopause, made everything fall into place. It blew me away.

Narelle's Comments

Val's story is a beautiful example of how important metabolic mapping and hormonal profiling is in the natural support of thyroid problems.

The fluctuating nature of thyroid hormones can make a correct diagnosis difficult, and identification of the initial cause takes time and expertise. Buy investing the time into getting to the cause, we were not only able to support healthy thyroid balance, but assist in improving the effectiveness of thyroid medications. This that makes the difference. A thorough review of Val's health revealed five underlying causes of weight gain and hormonal imbalances. Val's 'metabolic' map looked like this:

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After chatting to Val and thorough review of her blood test results, I established her metabolic map and hormonal profile to improve thyroid and female hormone balance and improve energy. It was time to help Val lose weight and feel fantastic.

Val's treatment strategy included a detoxification principles to remove heavy metals and toxins.

A personalized tonic using traditional medicinal herbs such Wild Yam, Sage and Licorice to improve menopausal symptoms and Echinacea combined with Hemidesmus to improve immune balance formed part of Val's treatment. Other herbs such as Rhodiola were included throughout her treatment to restore energy.

Targeted dietary changes supporting detoxification to remove pollutants potentially triggering an autoimmune response were provided in an easy to understand format.

Personalized orthomolecular and nutritional therapy, formed part of Val's long term plan. These changes combined, gently guided her health to new levels. Her new wellness plan was a must for overcoming her symptoms of fatigue, thyroid imbalance and weight gain.


Val started on my program and followed my suggestion to chat to her GP about her thyroxin dosage. Her weight has dropped from 95kg to 80kg. But while the weight loss has been fantastic, she is even more thrilled about is how fantastic she feels.

"The information and knowledge Mass Attack gives you about how your body works is invaluable. Just to have someone who's available on the phone at any time, who knows what I'm dealing with and how to deal with it - it's fantastic.

With my newfound energy, I'm now going to the gym regularly which has been vital for getting my metabolic rate up. Many people have commented on how great I'm looking, which feels great.

That's why I'm so happy to tell people about the Mass Attack weight loss program, because I'm so thrilled about how its worked for me."

Val's MassAttack Achievements:

  • Lost 15kg easily
  • No more fatigue
  • No menopausal symptoms
  • Moods improved

Getting Started

If you were reading Val's journey and thought this is happening to me then you should take action now.


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