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Lose Weight and Stop Period Pain

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There are many factors that contribute to hormonal imbalances associated with painful heavy periods in women. Among these are toxins, heavy metals, inflammation, bacteria, autoimmune changes and stress.

For many women, it is a combination of these factors that triggers a cascade of hormonal imbalances that cause unexplained weight gain.

This is why metabolic mapping and hormonal profiling play such a crucial role in effective period pain treatment, as Joanne Wright from Melbourne discovered.

Joanne's Story

I was a size 18 and approaching my 40th birthday. Clearly I needed to lose weight. But how was I going to break the weight loss cycle - lose weight, gain weight and lose weight again? I was disillusioned by why I couldn't lose weight. I wanted a long-term healthy solution and I just knew that there had to be a reason why losing weight was so hard!

I read about the MassAttack natural weight loss program in a parenting magazine. Narelle was really my last hope. I didn't know much about naturopaths, but I thought I'd give it a go. I made my first appointment in clinic and felt confident with her level of experience and knowledge. I really felt supported and love my monthly VLA sessions.

As a mum, running a household of three children and the family business meant I was a bit of a stress head. I was not sleeping well and had been a heavy smoker. I was told that I had a fibroid which is why I had heavy periods, but not to worry about it.

Getting on top of my health meant I had new energy. I was more motivated to exercise and began getting more out of the time I spent at work and with the children. I had loads of stamina to get things done. Most importantly, I felt that I had rediscovered myself and felt free.

Joanne, Melbourne, VIC

Narelle's Comments

Joanne's story is a perfect example of how important metabolic mapping and hormonal profiling is in the natural treatment of period pain.

With period pain, it is important to remember that you need to identify the initial cause and this takes time and expertise. Buy investing the time into getting to the cause, we were not only able to put a stop to the period pain, but remove the causes - which were also playing a role in many of her other annoying symptoms. This that makes the difference.

A thorough assessment of Joanne's health identified five underlying causes of weight gain. Joanne's 'unwellness' path looked like this:

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After chatting to Joanne, I established her metabolic map and hormonal profile that was not only going to improve her period pain, but also restore immune health, hormonal balance and improve energy. It was time to help Joanne lose weight and feel fantastic.

Joanne's treatment strategy included a Integrated Detoxification protocol to remove heavy metals and toxins associated with smoking.

We incorporated a personalized tonic using traditional medicinal herbs such Paeonia and Licorice to restore reproductive health and Echinacea combined with Albizzia to lower inflammation and improve immune balance. Other herbs such as Cramp bark were included throughout her treatment to restore menstrual regularity.

Targeted dietary changes to support detoxification and eliminate pain including limiting Tans Fatty acids, dairy and eating more legumes were provided in an easy to understand format, that fitted well with Joannes's busy life.

Personalized orthomolecular therapy and nutritional therapy, formed part of Joanne's long term plan. These changes, combined with gentle Integrated Detoxification techniques; gently guided her health to new levels. Her new wellness plan was a must for overcoming her symptoms of fatigue, period pain and weight gain.


Today, Joanne has restored energy levels and is no longer experiencing period pain. Her immune system is healthy and she has lost weight. She has her health and 'body back'.

Joanne's MassAttack Achievements:

  • Lost 6 dress sizes
  • Improved energy
  • No aches and pains or heavy periods
  • Happy, healthy and full of energy

Getting Started

If you were reading Joanne's journey and thought this is happening to me then you should take action now. ...


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