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Losing Weight Changed My Life

The natural weight loss program that was different

I liked that they saw things differently at MassAttack. To Narelle weight gain was a symptom of imbalance - which is why the simple formula of eat less and exercise more didn’t work for me.  As a naturopath Narelle saw things differently and her online naturopathic program applied a common sense approach to weight loss. She encouraged me to take responsibility for my own health and I really liked that.

I Just Had To Lose Weight

"Never in my dreams had I imagined that one day I would be salsa dancing in Cuba. A couple of years ago I was over 100 kilos and knew I just had to lose weight. Not only was I feeling fat but I was fatigued, moody and depressed.  I was seriously unhealthy."

When diet & exercise fails

"So I went on a strict low fat diet and exercised at the gym five times a week. A month later I had only lost a few kilos, it really made me lose heart."  So it struck me ... what do I do now ... diet and exercise alone is not going to work!

Burning away the kilo's

"I then heard about MassAttack at my gym and decided to give it a go. She believed that hormones caused weight gain and were sabotaging my weight loss efforts.  Narelle taught me what I needed to know about getting my body into fat burning mode, instead of fat storing mode. She was so inspiring... Narelle believed in me and showed me what to do - I just had to get on and do it. She helped me to feel like a woman again.

It didn't feel like I was being strict with myself, all the food I could eat was very tasty, it was more about changing the way I thought about food and understanding what were the right foods for me. It's easy to stick to, because you feel so much better.

Who ever thought I'd be salsa dancing? I'm light on my feet now, and I can move around the dance floor. Next month I'm off to Cuba!"

Marina's MassAttack achievements:

  • Lost 5 dress sizes
  • Understands what foods are right for her

If you were reading Marina's journey and thought "this is happening to me" then you should take action now ...

So many women have joined MassAttack and been successful. The key is to learn the truth about hormones and the truth about the foods that can work against your hormonal profile.

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