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Post Baby Weight Gain and Fatigue

During pregnancy your immune system changes to maintain a healthy pregnancy. However, for some women after birth, it does not return to normal. Unfortunately, symptoms like fatigue can be interpreted a minor ailment that needs little more than a good night's sleep or the supplementation of a multivitamin or iron.

However, fatigue in many cases is a sign of underlying chronic illness requiring expert assessment and advice. In some instances, like autoimmune disturbances, over the counter supplements like iron, kelp, or the wrong multivitamin can potentially make the condition worse.

My Story

weightloss after pregnancy

After the birth of my daughter, my health changed. For starters, I always felt tired and depleted and no matter what I ate or how much exercise I did, I was gaining weight.

My immune system so low that I would catch everything that was going around. I was so fed up of feeling run down. In spite of several courses of antibiotics, I just couldn't get well again.

I tried to boost my system with a good quality multivitamin, iron, B vitamins and Echinacea. However, over the next 12 months my symptoms worsened; (weight gain, poor immunity, fatigue) and I was also emotionally flat. I had routine blood tests and they came back normal.

There had to be a reason why I was so unwell - and I knew I had to find it.

My own story is a perfect example of how important segmentation based, multilayer diagnosis is. Childbirth had triggered an autoimmune response - the root cause of my health struggles. I was lucky. As a naturopath I had the tools at my finger tips to get better again, so once I started piecing things together, getting well again was only a matter of time.

This is what my 'path to unwellness' looked like:

weightloss after pregnancy

After much research, I established my metabolic map and hormonal profile to improve my immune system, restore energy and promote natural hormone balance so I could lose weight.

My treatment strategy included a personalized tonic using traditional medicinal herbs such Chaste tree and Withania combined with Astragalus to restore adrenal health, lower inflammation and improve immunity. Other herbs such as Rehmannia and Pasque flower were included throughout my treatment to support hormonal balance and improve glucose control.

Targeted dietary changes to support healthy hormonal balance and nutritional therapy, formed part of my long term treatment plan. My new wellness plan was a must for overcoming my symptoms of fatigue, lowered immunity, hormonal imbalance and weight gain.

Today, I continue to help and inspire others. My journey was featured in New Idea READ MORE.


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