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Having PCOS meant that I struggled with my weight for years. I would gain weight, go on a diet to lose it, only to gain weight again. Losing weight was a constant battle with PCOS and I had almost given up. I managed to fall pregnant with PCOS but thought losing weight and getting my body back after having my baby was never going to happen.

The MassAttack natural weight loss program made it seem almost too easy. I think knowing what I could eat & what to stay away from definitely made my life easier.

After only two weeks of being on the program I started to feel better again. It was pretty clear that this natural approach to weight loss was working. Knowing what foods to eat to balance my hormones was really the key to losing weight naturally for me.

I lost all the weight I needed and I am happy to say that I lost it naturally. The best part is I fell pregnant again, and this time it was so much easier! With my first pregnancy I found falling pregnant so much harder, but I know changing my diet, losing weight and balancing my hormones really improved my fertility.

Natural weight loss was something that I always wanted to achieve but it always seemed impossible. With PCOS losing weight was always a constant battle and struggle. At times it felt like my metabolism had stopped completely.

Working alongside a naturopath was great and I really feel that we got to the cause of the problem and discovered what was making me feel unhealthy and causing weight gain.

I felt that I wasn't wasting money on something that "might work" or the "next fad or trend". It's great that I now know what foods fit with my hormonal profile and how to eat to balance my hormones. I know this is why I was able to lose weight with PCOS.

I am really proud of myself now - I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight & feeling healthy."

Venus' MassAttack achievements:

  • Getting back to pre-baby weight
  • Knowing what to eat
  • Feeling healthy

If you were reading Venus' journey and thought "this is happening to me" then you should take action now ...

So many women have joined MassAttack and been successful. The key is to learn the truth about hormones and the truth about the foods that can work against your hormonal profile.

Take action now with one easy payment of $149 to get you started.


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