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Hormones cause Weight Gain In 75% of Women - it's a fact!

Diets and exercise not working? Don't give up!

Hormones are the number one cause of tummy fat and unexplained weight gain in women. In fact, research supports diet and exercise as being only two pieces of a complex puzzle of weight loss.

So contrary to popular belief, losing that unwanted tummy fat is not all about eating less and exercising more. Balancing your hormones is the key to losing weight and finally getting your waist back!

Did you know that toxins, inflammation, yeast infections and bacteria all trigger hormonal imbalances causing weight gain due to changes in your metabolism? These four factors are the main reasons why 75% of women gain weight on their hips and thighs for no reason. They are also the major contributing factors to stubborn tummy fat or that unwanted muffin top.

How do Hormones Cause Weight Gain?

Common health conditions such as PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Menopause, Thyroid imbalances, Childbirth, Period problems and PMS are all examples of hormonal imbalances linked to weight gain.

For many, these conditions may be fuelled by hormonal imbalances triggered by digestive imbalances. For example, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the helicobacter pylori bacteria and yeast infections such as candida albicans, all trigger hormonal imbalances linked to changes in your metabolism and unexplained weight gain.

Long term hormonal imbalances can even lead to a condition called adiposopathy or fat cell sickness. This is a condition where your fat cells become organs on their own, secreting fat producing hormones even while you are sleeping! This slows your metabolism further and means you store fat easily and lose it slowly.

Hormonal Weight Gain and the Gene Connection

If you thought this was bad enough, throw into the equation that 1 in 5 women carry genetic weaknesses like the MTHFR fat gene that causes the kilos to creep on especially around the tummy.

Genetics can mean you are more susceptible to allergies such as wheat and dairy intolerances. These can all cause inflammation triggering hormonal imbalances.

Inflammatory responses associated with allergies can be heightened due to toxins found in our food chain like pesticides, additives, trans fatty acids. These coupled with environmental pollution are all triggers of hormone imbalances that lead to sick fat.

Dietary Changes To Stop Hormonal Weight Gain

The problem is, foods can also trigger hormonal imbalances and make current ones worse. Your every day food choices might be triggering hormonal imbalances causing weight gain, or making diagnosed conditions worse.

Did you know that broccoli, milk, spinach and soy are linked to hormonal imbalance? For some women consuming these on a regular basis can make their symptoms worse and make losing weight impossible!

Depending on your hormonal profile certain foods will help you lose weight and others will make your weight gain worse. Herbs and nutritional support are beneficial in supporting healthy hormonal balance. So the key is to get assessed and treat the cause of your weight.

Hormonal Weight Gain and the Sick Fat Connection

What's important to remember is that fat cells are not just storage deposits of excess calories. They are also produced by your body to capture toxins, inflammatory cells and excess hormones - pretty much anything that your body thinks is going to damage other cells and organs.

These are what we call "sick fat cells" or Fat Cell Sickness (FCS). The problem is, each one of these cells can become "stressed" and start to make hormones such as estrogen. They can rupture and leak their contents into muscles, impeding mitochondrial functioning and slowing your metabolism. This also slows your body's ability to convert glucose to energy and causes excess insulin secretion.

This is why your body can produce fat, no matter how little you eat. Your fat cells are making fat even when you are sleeping!

Because FSC means your fat cells are producing excess hormones like estrogen and insulin, it can trigger more complex conditions like PCOS, Fibroids, Thyroid problems, heightened menopausal symptoms, Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

So sick fat means you burn fat slowly, store fat quickly, feel fatigued, hormonal symptoms are worsened, and you gain weight steadily.

Breaking The Hormonal Weight Gain Cycle Is Easy

The good news is hormone imbalances can often be managed effectively in a natural and healthy way. This is why tailored programs for hormonal imbalances make more sense.

It is not common practice to get our hormones checked, and they are normally not integrated into diet programs because they are so complex. But even the slightest imbalances can make weight loss a futile exercise. However the good news is they can often be managed effectively in a natural and healthy way.

To Lose Weight Successfully You Need to determine the cause.

It is not common practice to get our hormones checked, and they are normally not integrated into diet programs because they are so complex. But even the slightest imbalances can make weight loss a futile exercise.

The great news is; getting tested is inexpensive, convenient and easy. In my clinic, I start the process with a comprehensive online assessment. Based on symptomatic screening techniques, your answers provide the foundation information to uncover areas of weakness and underlying causes of your hormonal imbalances. Coupled with targeted pathology testing, we can identify, reverse and restore natural hormonal balance and stop unwanted tummy fat in its tracks.

At MassAttack we regard it as our responsibility to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to help you reverse the effects of hormonal imbalances and their underlying cause with professional screening, testing and monitoring.

The good news is with a 92% success rate, my hormone balancing weight loss program and unique weight loss tips can help you to lose weight, much faster than you ever imagined - with no dieting!

Losing weight is easy once you balance your hormones!

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