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Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, weight loss naturopath online specialist

Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, lose weight naturally

Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, natural weightloss

Post Pregnancy - Lose weight after pregnancy

Burn Your Baby Fat and Get An Even Better Body!

Post pregnancy blues are normal for the first week or two after baby. This is well documented in current research as things instantly change after having a baby - we are taught to expect that. But what many women are shocked to find out is that hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone, leptin, ghrelin and cortisol and thyroid change during pregnancy and after birth.  These hormonal changes can affect your mood and metabolism causing weight gain and fatigue.  This is why for many women getting back into shape after baby is challenging and weight loss is slow.

In part weight gain after having a baby can be attributed to you feeling a little out-of-control emotionally, fatigued, exhausted, and mourning for your former life and exercise and healthy eating habits may fall by the way side.

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However, the second aspect of weight gain after having a baby is that some chronic illnesses triggered by pregnancy and child birth in new mothers go untreated, because symptoms are similar to those of sleep deprivation. "Well, you just had a baby" can answer for a lot of problems ... especially fatigue and mood changes!

If you are feeling tired, depressed & have trouble concentrating and are really struggling more than other new mothers with debilitating fatigue, hair loss and depression, then you may be suffering from hormone imbalance triggered by pregnancy.

One of the biggest reasons why moms struggle with post pregnancy weight loss and end up frustrated with little to no results no matter how hard they try, is due to the fact that there are underlying umbalances causing body fat. It was through my own personal fat loss journey that I discovered the underlying causes of fat accumualtion are hormones, toxins, inflammation and genetics. These all come to the forefront after child birth! It's not your fault - now you know and now you can do something about it.

Naturopathic treatment of weight gain caused by hormonal imbalance after birth is successful and has helped many women heal their symptoms and achieve weight loss naturally. The best part is, it’s available online! Read Yvonne's story here

Not sure if hormones and PMS are making weight loss difficult?

Post child birth. After pregnancy, thyroid, lose weight, baby, hormone test

Post Pregnancy - Thyroid imbalance after child birth

Post child birth. After pregnancy, thyroid, lose weight, baby, consultation

Postpartum thyroiditis is a condition in which the thyroid becomes inflamed after delivery, due to antibodies. It typically follows a pattern: at first, you become hyperthyroid, and might feel breathless, nervous, mentally confused, have unexplained weight loss, or trouble sleeping.

In the second phase, symptoms might be depression, mood changes, fatigue, weight gain or difficulty losing weight.

Once you've had an episode of postpartum thyroid problems, you are much more likely to later develop a thyroid problem during a period of stress, subsequent pregnancy, or during menopause.

Post Pregnancy - Oestrogen Dominance and weight gain.

Oestrogen Dominance or high levels of estrogens can cause cravings - especially after childbirth which can cause to weight gain. 

Oestrogen dominance is linked with hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain such as:

Post Pregnancy - Testing for Imbalances

By completing my full online naturopathic health and hormone test, I will invest no less than 45 minutes piecing together your symptoms and really pinpoint what hormones are causing your weight gain and other health complaints.  If I feel that further salivary or blood testing via Health Scope Pathology I will provide you with a direct referral.

For example, as part of the process of compiling a natural weight loss program for you, I may suggest measuring hormone levels by using salivary hormone test kits, available from my clinic.  Salivary hormone test kits can assist in the proper diagnoses of hormonal imbalances contributing to weight gain and conditions such as Fatigue, PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Cyst, Menopause and Thyroid imbalance. To find out more about salivary hormone testing please click here.

Oestrogen Dominance can cause insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome which has a direct affect upon your metabolism an sabotages your weight loss.

It could be you need to implement oestrogen clearance strategies to balance your hormones so you can rebalance your hormones after child birth and achieve your weight loss goals and keep it off.

Post Pregnancy- Low leptin causes cravings, after child birth

Leptin, is a hormone produced by your fat cells. It's involved in weight and appetite regulation and low levels of leptin can result in food cravings and cause weight gain. Women who struggle with weight loss after child birth are prone to low leptin levels.

Post Pregnancy - Ghrelin increases cravings, after pregnancy

Ghrelin is a "hunger hormone" and elevated ghrelin triggers strong feelings of hunger. In addition to regulating eating behavior, ghrelin may slow your metabolism and reduce your ability to burn fat, this is one reason why it may feel like your metabolism has stopped or your weight loss plateau's.