A varied biome of gut bacteria is thought to have several benefits, even so far as improving our moods. New evidence suggests it could also have a physical effect – making you skinnier, or even heavier

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Stop Rapid Weight Gain & Repair Microbiome

Can't lose weight, despite following sensible advice? It's the bacteria in your gut

According to a new CSIRO report, people who are overweight are more likely to experience gut health symptoms from poor dietary habits, which can negatively alter bacteria in the gut called our microbiota. 

Go Beyond Basic Weight Loss Evaluation

Matching your diet to your microbiome means you lose weight and keep it off

Your gut microbiome holds insights into your health. Understanding how you can achieve a better balance between desirable and less desirable microorganisms in your gut means your body stops fighting against you.

Fix Your Metabolism and Be Healthy

A new way to personalise weightloss, benefit gut health and lower diabetes risk

Take the humble tomato. Low in calories, in theory it's a dieters dream. But for some, it is one food that spikes insulin levels high messing with their metabolism making weight loss impossible. Perhaps this is you?

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We know over 120 factors change bacterial GIT composition, triggering weight gain, especially around the middle. This includes, hormones, toxins, heavy metals and inflammation. That's why my program is different. We get to the cause of whats making you fat.


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Our new and exciting metabolic health screen gets to the cause of weight gain and restores metabolic health. Using groundbreaking technology we test microbiome, hormones, metabolic markers and cellular health. Reach a new level of wellness.


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A high BMI is linked to insulin resistance, elevated blood lipids, and increased levels of inflammation, all of which increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and accelerated aging. Repairing cellular damage is fundamental to healthy weight loss.


"Statistically by the time you reach the age of 40, you have 6 hidden modifiable metabolic factors creating microbiome imbalance potentially influencing your ability to maintain a healthy body weight. "

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