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"My Doctors Don't Know Why I Can't Lose Weight."

If you're sick and tired of guessing about your health, and why you can't maintain a healthy body weight, MASSATTACK can help you find specific answers that traditional doctors/diagnostics may never uncover

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Are Toxins Causing Weight Troubles?

Screening for environmental toxins is fundamental to finding out why you can't maintain a healthy body weight. The problem is, it's no longer a question of "if" you have toxins, but more "what" toxins and "is" your toxic burden stopping you being healthy?

Are Heavy Metals A Problem?

Heavy metals play a major role in weight problems and prevent  success, which is why we screen for them. They influence key metabolic hormones and also increase the risk of problems like PCOS, hypertension, and other complex health problems.

Are Endocrine Disruptors A Cause?

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are chemicals that interfere with hormone balance and stop weight loss programs from working which is why we screen for them. For example, they can mimic or block metabolic hormones,and/or affect their metabolism.

Mycotoxins, Endo Toxins And Weight

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins produced by certain moulds found in food and act as endocrine disruptors which is why we screen for them. Endo toxins are produced by your digestive system. Both can be hidden causes to weight troubles.

Do I Need Lab Tests?

We know over 120 hidden triggers cause weight gain, especially around the middle. That's why my program is different. We get to the cause of stubborn tummy fat and hormonal weight gain.

Role Of Lab Tests In Weight Loss

We value professional diagnostic techniques to assist in establishing the underlying cause of your weight gain. This ensures to ensure you achieve long lasting results.

The Power Of Metabolic Checks

There are different reasons that people choose to undergo metabolic tests. Weight loss is one of them. Metabolic testing can provide essential data for people who want to lose weight.

Don't Wait! Evaluate & Test Now

Struggling to maintain a healthy body weight? It's important get to the cause. We know excess body fat is your bodies way of telling you something is not right and it needs help. Don't ignore this!

Food Intolerance Diagnostic Testing

Food intolerance influences body weight in both men and women. It's not tested for in routine pathology tests. If you have to avoid certain foods to feel well, it's time to get tested.

Digestive Health & Diagnostic Testing

Gastrointestinal function is important for maintaining a healthy body weight. There are several different lab tests to help restore intestinal microbial balance and improve

Testing For Illness Prevention

Disease prevention and maintaining optimal nutrition play an important role in optimising healthy body weight. Lab testing to identify potential hidden roadblocks provides answers.

Testing For Hormonal Problems

Hormone problems cause weight gain and are often difficult to detect in standard lab tests. Comprehensive hormone testing can often include a combination of saliva, blood or urine samples.

"Statistically by the time you reach the age of 40, you have 6 hidden modifiable metabolic factors potentially influencing your ability to maintain a healthy body weight. Most are preventable or treatable with diet, lifestyle, functional nutrition and botanical medicine."

Narelle Stegehuis MHSc. HM
Integrative Natural Health Coach

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