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We want to get you started on the right path to weight loss and wellness as fast as possible. So right after you sign up you will receive instant access to your assessment, with a unique login and password just for you.

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Once you complete your assessment, we'll arrange a time to discuss your results.  We'll provide guidance about the best lab test for you and how to access them. We'll provide you instructions on how to submit past lab results if you  want to.

Expert Guidance

You'll receive access to the latest evidence-based food tables to improve metabolic health. Including general dietary guidance on what foods to eat to manage hormonal problems, cardiovascular and immune health and pre diabetes.

Affordable & Easy

Designed to assess, inform & support, this package helps to determine if a more comprehensive clinical fertility evaluation is needed. By  completing this assessment you are taking the first step forward to a healthy body weight.

What Do I Get For $99

INCLUDES: x1 Comprehensive Metabolic Restoration Assessment

Evidence based, affordable, accessible and easy, we evaluate weight loss beyond the basics. Find out what hidden modifiable factors are potentially stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off.

x1 MASSATTACK Natural Metabolic Assessment to help you find out 'what's wrong'; get the answers you need, new insights and NEW possibilities to make losing weight easier.

Accredited with Microba Australia's awarding winning technology for microbiome testing, our assessment sets new bench marks in raising natural metabolic awareness

x1 Live chat private meeting with your natural weight loss expert to discuss your assessment and make recommendations

  • Get a checklist of all the recommended labs
  • Foundational must-have tests to help your hormones
  • What your current tests results should cover including full thyroid panel, Genetic SNP's (including MTHFR), microbiome, pollution and heavy metals
  • When to order blood, saliva and urine for hormone testing
  • How to order these labs yourself, without having to see your doctor

Screening for 120 possible hidden factors PLUS:

Your $99 is fully redeemable when you upgrade to the MassAttack Premium Package. When you upgrade you have unlimited live and private natural weight loss support with Narelle Stegehuis - natural health expert.

Why you need to do this NOW ... Health scientists are concerned. metabolic disorders is rising.

Metabolic health disorders in like Poly Cystic Ovaries, obesity and cardiovascular disease have doubled.

Across the globe, health experts agree, hidden factors like toxins, pollution, poor microbiome health, immune problems and genetic SNP's contribute problems maintaining weight and basic weight loss programs tests don't assess these!

Getting assessed by MassAttack is the first step to changing your path to wellness.

Your Introductory Assessment pin points where you need to start making changes. It provides instant feedback about what to do and the steps you need to take. To make sure you are on track and have access to the very best support, we also include 1 live private metabolic feedback session with a natural weight loss expert to provide clarification and further guidance.

Once you start, you open doors and get answers.

  • It is estimated that anywhere between 60-80% percent of weight problems are caused by microbiome imbalance. Find out if this includes you.
  • Determine your hidden drivers of weight gain and improve your chances of losing weight
  • Find out if your diet, lifestyle or the vitamins and herbs you are taking are the best choices for you (depending on what's stopping you, they could potentially be making things worse).
  • Find out what questions you need to ask your current weight loss team to get better results
  • Discover what lab tests you need to be requesting beyond standard health testing & why
  • Identify the range your lab test results should be in for optimal metabolic health and find out if your results are out of range
  • Based on your assessment results, find out the time frame it will take to optimize your metabolism and how you can speed this up

If you've tried to do it on your own and are ready to break the weight gain cycle, then work with me closely and get ready to be a healthy body weight!

x1 live private natural weight loss coaching session - ask live questions to your natural weight loss expert and get answers on the spot!

PLUS: your $99 is fully redeemable when you upgrade to the MassAttack Premium Package.

If you chose to upgrade to our premium package, you have:

  • expert review of all current lab tests to ensure you are within peak ranges for optimal metabolic health
  • report and analysis of current lab results and journey so far
  • expert review, recommendations and referrals for new lab tests
  • prescription for functional natural support including herbal therapeutics, nutritional supplementation and other natural support.
  • unlimited live and private natural weight loss support and coaching with your natural weight loss expert for a 12-month period

Metabolic Restorative Medicine is setting new benchmarks in weight loss. When you work with MassAttack you are working with accredited and registered natural weight loss experts. Together, we are transforming metabolic health.

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