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We want to get you started on the right path to health as fast as possible. So right after you sign up you will receive instant access to your initial assessment with a unique login and password just for you. We will then contact you to book your x4 in clinic sessions.

Assess & Test

When you attend your first session, you'll be metabolically assessed.  We'll also assess your diet, lifestyle and motivation, providing guidance and support. We'll identify the best lab tests for you and assess past lab results.  We'll create a strategic plan.

Consult & Coach

Each session is 100% focused on ensuring your metabolism is improving. Be weighed, measured and metabolically assessed. We evaluate pre diabetic markers and ensure you are losing weight. With a 100% commitment to getting you back on track, you will lose weight.

Guide & Support

When you start with MassAttack Premium, you know we are here to support you 100% throughout your journey - beyond your initial 4 weeks. This is why you can book check up sessions to monitor your progress, help you through life changes and keep you on track.

What Do I Get For $297

MassAttack PREMIUM evaluates metabolic health beyond basic routine health testing and raises the bar on natural weight loss management.

x1 MassAttack Natural Metabolic Assessment to screen for over 120 hidden modifiable factors causing weight gain

x4 In clinic weight loss management sessions to track your progress including metabolic health check, fat mass check, pre diabetic marker check, cardiovascular health check, measure, weigh and motivation check. We specialize in stopping cravings and emotional eating.

x1 Existing lab test review by your very own natural weight loss expert to ensure you are within peak ranges for optimal weight loss

Ongoing Review, Monitoring and Integration of new lab results

Microbiome Medicine is setting new benchmarks in weight loss. When you work with MassAttack you are working with accredited and registered natural health expertsTogether, we are transforming metabolic medicine.

x1 RRM Report outlining what you need to do to restore fertility and how to do it

Ongoing Guidance tailored and targeted including:

  • Lab test recommendations and direct referrals including utilization of exciting new DNA technologies
  • 100% natural prescription to provide functional natural solutions including herbal therapeutics, nutritional supplementation and other natural support
  • Monthly reviews to track your metabolism and monitor your progress

Metabolic Restorative Medicine is setting new benchmarks in weight loss. When you work with MassAttack you are working with accredited and registered natural weight loss experts with Microbiota. Together, we are transforming natural metabolic medicine.

Unlimited Quick Chat Weight Loss Coaching & Support

Unlimited natural weight loss chart reviews with your very own microbiome weight loss expert. Narelle is there 100% to support you through your journey.

A Whole New Standard of Care

Our approach sets new benchmarks  in holistic weight loss care. When you choose MassAttack premium, you work directly with accredited natural weight loss expert Narelle Stegehuis who is 100% committed to changing your path to wellness.

Gold Standard Screening

The latest screening and technology to improve metabolic health including comprehensive reproductive DNA SNP  assessment.  Access cutting edge technology and evidence based screening for the natural management of weight management.

Expert Support & Guidance

MassAttack Premium includes unlimited support and guidance from natural health expert Narelle Stegehuis. This includes review of lab results, metabolic tracking, hormone analysis, cardiovascular and pre diabetes care.

Affordable & Accessible

Designed to make accessing gold standard weight loss care affordable, consultations are available at our Melbourne based clinic. By choosing MassAttack Premium, you are taking the first step towards a healthy body weight.

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Avoid the common mistakes clients make when trying to lose weight or get healthy again. One of the things clients say after starting my program is; I wish I had have discovered you sooner.


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