Weight Loss For Everybody

About Narelle

Narelle Stegehuis is a leading natural health provider accredited by the World Obesity Federation. Narelle has a Masters of Health Science and is currently completing her doctoral research in obesity management. Her allied health qualifications include nutritional science, naturopathy, herbal medicine, hypnosis and psychotherapy. Helping people maintain healthy weight for over 20 years, Narelle is passionate about health.

Our Approach

My three phase program is suitable for all ages and developed using sound biological and behavioral principles approved by the International Obesity management Foundation. Focused on healthy long term weight management, our unique approach identifies hidden drivers to weight gain, providing strategic ways to manage their impact on metabolic health and wellness spanning across lifespans.


An industry leader in metabolic health, Narelle lectures in health and wellness at Torrens University, providing content for media publications such as New Idea, Woman's Day and Women's Fitness magazines and Natural Therapy Pages. Narelle strives to create community awareness in body weight management in complex metabolic cases such as pre diabetes, hormonal and immune conditions in men, women and children.


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