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About Narelle

Narelle Stegehuis ND MHSc HM is a leading natural health provider accredited by the International Institute for Restorative Medicine,  the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association and Microba DNA clinician. Helping people maintain healthy weight for over 20 years, using 100% natural support  and DNA research, Narelle is passionate about microbiome and metabolic health for the whole family.

Our Approach

MassAttack utilises microbiome and metabolic testing. These are sophisticated non invasive investigative tools identify microbiome variations and other factors causing unexplained weight gain. Knowing this information takes maintaining a healthy body weight and health to a new level! Our ground breaking evidence based technology gives patients innovative, targeted advice to enhance weight loss naturally.  


An industry leader in metabolic health, Narelle lectures in health and wellness at Torrens University, providing content for media publications such as New Idea, Woman's Day and Women's Fitness magazines and Natural Therapy Pages. Narelle strives to create community awareness in body weight management in complex metabolic cases such as pre diabetes, hormonal and immune conditions in men, women and children.


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