It's Time To Be Heard!

We Take The Time To Listen

Your initial health assesment is designed after years of extensive research and development. It is designed to identify hormone imbalances and other areas that are contributing to your poor health and weight problems.

If you have current blood tests, please email them through and I will take these into consideration.

If you don't, that's ok. I will provide you with a direct referral if you need it. This can help establish the cause of your symptoms and establish a baseline to monitor progress and treatment efficacy.

We work in partnership with Healthscope Functional Pathology, whose tests are designed so patients can collect specimens in the privacy of their own home. If a blood specimen is required, you are referred to your nearest Healthscope Pathology Collection Centre. You will be given a test request form with instructions for purchasing the test kit directly from Healthscope.

I then call you and listen to how you best decribe your health, what concerns you about your health and listen to what you want to achieve. If you have tried other approaches before with no success, I need to know so we can try something new. It is important to me that your needs are heard!

Many women have said to me that it was the first time they have really felt listened to. For me, it's this degree of detail that yields such fantastic results for my patients.

What are the advantages of an online Health Assessment?


What if I feel that the questionnaire didn't cover something?

We encourage you to provide us with any additional information that you feel we should know. Please feel free to email or fax it through to us. Remember, you can always call me to discuss any information that you can't put down in writing!