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Baby Bulge - Featured in New Idea

For some women, pregnancy can deliver more than a bouncing bundle of joy. Unexplained weight gain, fatigue, mood changes and poor health are just some of the symptoms you may encounter post partum. A number of hormonal changes occur during pregnancy and birth, this is normal. However, other changes may play a role that leave you feeling unwell and depleted. This is why Metabolic Mapping and Hormonal Profiling can provide a new path to wellness.

Stress Caused My Weight Gain

I knew my work was stressful but I had no idea it was making me fat! I tried every diet in the book over the last 10 years with each one shouting they had the answer. Now I know that unless you work out the causes of why you're putting on the weight, no pill, diet or exercise program is going to work because your body is fighting against you the entire way. Renewed confidence and feeling great, Kelly was happy to share her story with Womans Day.

Thyroid & Menopause Left Me Fat

For 59-year-old Val Pope from Port Lincoln, SA, life with a thyroid condition and menopause had left her fat, unhappy and exhausted. But her life was transformed when she discovered MassAttack. "I've been overweight probably for most of my adult life. Not excessively, but it was always a battle. I love my food and I'm an emotional eater too - I'd cope with stress or boredom by turning to food. It was just how I’d deal with life".  But MassAttack changed that!

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