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Practicing since 2002 and delivering well over 10,000+  coaching sessions, Narelle Stegehuis specialises in helping people maintain a healthy body weight. Her approach is unique, covering environmental pollution and over 120 modifiable weight gain causes. Narelle's core belief is to empower others through knowledge, harnessing the healing potential of functional medicine.


Narelle Stegehuis is a regular presenter to women's health and wellness organizations, striving to create community awareness for the management of complex female health disorders and integrative IVF preparation. Narelle also designs and delivers health training's to allied health organizations such as the Pharmaceutical Association of Australia and Torrens University.


Narelle Stegehuis is passionate about women's health. Her qualifications include a Masters of Heath Science (Herbal Medicine) Graduate Diploma of Health Science (Naturopathy) and is currently commencing her PhD. An associate contributor to the Sartori research group, Narelle ensures her clients are provided with the most up to date and ground breaking research available.

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I'm here to guide and support you 100% of the way. With environmental pollution, toxins, food additives, lifestyle factors and underlying health conditions stopping you from losing weight - it's time you worked with me to get results.

About Narelle

Narelle Stegehuis is a Registered Natural Fertility Specialist and professional member of the Fertility Society of Australia, NAEM (Naturopathic Academy of Environmental Medicine), ASRM (American Society For Reproductive Medicine), clinician and regular contributor and presenter to allied health organizations such as the Pharmaceutical Association, Think Education Group and Torrens University. Narelle is passionate about environmental reproductive health and has provided content for media publications such as New Idea, Woman's Day, and Women's Fitness magazines.

Professional Registration

Narelle Stegehuis is a professional member of the Fertility Association of Australia and also the Australian Naturopathic and Herbalists Association.

Narelle regularly attends conferences to ensure she is equip with the most up to date global industry research.

A regular contributor to industry events, Narelle is highly regarded by her peers and is a mentor and coach to new graduates.


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