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Why Is My Metabolism Slow?

Many people come to me totally frustrated because they can't lose weight. The reality is, when you deal with the key factors causing your slow metabolism, your vision of good health is so much closer to being a reality than you think.

It's Your Time To Be A Healthy Weight

If you've ever tried to lose weight and failed and been told to 'just eat less and exercise more' than it's time to be inspired and empowered. We teach you how transform your metabolism and keep the weight off.

Testing For Hidden Fertility Causes

MASSATTACK® is a proven system that works particularly well for those when diet and exercise has failed. We guide & support you to deal with the key factors you need to fix, to turn your dream of getting pregnant into a reality.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Science

In many ways, modern science is just catching up with ancient wisdom. My MASSATTACK® weight loss method unites the best of what complementary medicine has to offer with evidence based research.

Become The Very Best Version Of Yourself.

Does This Sound Familiar - trying month after month to lose weight with no success? What if I told you less than 20% of weight problems are due to genetics. While over 80% are due to lifestyle, diet, toxins and other hidden modifiable factors?

Pioneering new science MASSATTACK® is the only weight loss assessment that combines all essential components to give you a complete blueprint of what you need to change & how to do it to maintain a healthy body weight.

What you might not realize is, the very same reasons stopping you from losing weight naturally are the ones stopping you from feeling energetic, healthy and youthful. The problem is, the traditional model of weight management will NEVER test you for these! But at MASSATTACK®, we DO!

When it comes to fertility, lifestyle, diet, underlying health problems, heavy metals and toxins have several debilitating effects:

  • They can change a woman’s hormone balance and affect the menstrual cycle
  • They can accelerate aging
  • They affect pain and inflammation
  • They cause bloating & digestive problems
  • They trigger brain fog & poor memory

MASSATTACK® is very effective for women having troubles trying to maintain a healthy body weight. It's when your natural health specialist finally provides you with a more effective way to achieve a healthy, vibrant body.

Don’t just take my word for it! MASSATTACK® has worked for many women who are trying to lose weight month after month, just like you.

MASSATTACK® is ground breaking in it's research and the only natural weight loss provider to offer full spectrum assessment and screening for environmental pollutants and hidden factors. Based on global research, toxic exposure assessment is essential to improve your metabolism. It's not a matter of 'if' you've been exposed, but more so by how much and what

MASSATTACK® is structured and developed to provide support no matter where you are in your journey. 

If you have been trying to lose weight for over 12 months, you really need to find your ZONE and this is what my MASSATTACK® Health Check is developed to do. So let me walk you through the process...

STEP 1: Create Your Profile & Upload Your Labs

Begin by answering our screening questions about your metabolic health to provide a more complete, personalized health picture. 

Finally, upload any lab work and past lab reports.

STEP 2: Meet Your Natural Fertility Expert

Your natural fertility expert Narelle Stegehuis will call you to listen to your journey and gather more information. Based on your data and the answers you provide, we  cross-reference your metabolic health profile, lab data and genomics with evidence based studies to provide you with an action plan for improving and maintaining optimal metabolic health.

STEP 3: Discover your ZONE and receive personalized results & your action plan - don't worry we call you to walk you through it!

Finding your ZONE, means you can see how far away you sit from your goal of becoming a healthy body weight and know your realistic chances of getting healthy in the next 3 months. Most importantly, your blueprint report TELLS YOU what action you need to take to Be More Healthy and makes powerful recommendations.

Suggestions May Include:

Recommendations for further lab tests (we can provide the direct referral so it’s really easy!)

Recommended Lifestyle Choices: We rank your lifestyle changes from critical to inconsequential, so that you know which changes to make first.

Nutrient Balance: Based on hundreds of personal data points, MASSATTACK® will suggest adding or subtracting specific vitamins and minerals to optimize your fertility health.

Diet Changes: In conjunction with vitamin and mineral balance, MASSATTACK® is designed to warn you about foods that may be harmful to your unique metabolic biochemistry. It will also recommend the most important foods for you as well as recipes to help you optimize your diet for peak weight loss.

Environmental pollutant toxic load: we calculate your toxic load and identify your level of risk to metabolic health

Hormone Balance: we screen for potential hormone problems and assess hormone health risk

My services span across several different delivery methods to ensure you have access to the support and services you need. 

Inform & Empower is developed to make sure you know everything you need to know so you don't make unnecessary mistakes.

Find Your Zone with my Metabolic Health Check. This package is best suited if you have been trying to lose weight for more than 12 months or have 'unexplained weight gain' - it provides answers and solutions.

Advanced Care & Renew is most popular and ideal if you have tried several diets and exercise programs and really want to become healthy sooner. 

Remember, finding new ways to improve your health does not need to be this hard and if you have been told you are too old to have a healthy body than remember how it has changed for so many men and women across Australia.

If you’re ready to find out what you need to change to become a healthy body weight sooner, then here’s what you do next ...

Start my MASSATTACK® program NOW and start to access my expert professional support and guidance. When you do, you will stop making mistakes and start becoming healthy.

So take a moment and click on the start now button and finally put an end to trying to lose weight month after month with no success and start a fresh new journey to becoming a healthier sooner.

"Statistically by the time you reach the age of 40, you have 6 hidden modifiable metabolic factors potentially influencing your ability to maintain a healthy body weight during menopause. Most are preventable or reversible with diet, lifestyle, functional nutrition and botanical medicine."

Narelle Stegehuis MHSc. HM
Integrative Natural Health Coach

YES! I Want To Fast Tack My Weight Loss NOW!

Find out your chances of losing weight in the next 3 months and learn what you can do to get it off faster

MassAttack Quick Start



Developed to inform and empower, BUMP Quick Start series is groundbreaking. It helps you to open up the prospect of new weight loss options and supports you to make informed lifestyle choices. Discover the everyday things you can change then let me guide you step by step to start forming new habits. That's when the magic happens and you start to experience being more healthy.


One Month Free Group Coaching

7 jam packed webinars empowering you with groundbreaking new ways to super charge your metabolism

  • How to Create a Healthy Body Mindset & Really Believe Better Things Are Coming
  • Know Your Exact Metabolic Risk Ranking
  • Hidden Tips To Transform Your Metabolism No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey
  • Are You Really Too Old to Have A Healthy Metabolism? Most Likely NOT! You Need To Know This!
  • Environmental Pollution & Your Body What You Need To Know
  • Exciting New Ways To Improve Weight loss Success
  • Ways To Create A fat Burning Diet & Lifestyle In A Toxic World

Exciting new evidence based ways to naturally heal metabolic problems, improve health and nourish your body.  Discover how to feed, nurture, and control your body to have a healthy body.

The Power to Heal Metabolically From Within...

PLUS ...

Powerful food choices and smoothie recipes to optimize healing and restore metabolic health.

Comprehensive guidelines for cycle charting & new ways to get your hormones back on track.

Workbook & self assessment tools to help you avoid the common mistakes clients make when trying to lose weight and get back on track after illness

If you’re ready to find out some quick, easy and effective ways to become healthy sooner, then here’s what you do next:



Advanced Care & Renew Weight Loss Support Package



Using new and ADVANCED diagnostic and exploratory tools, to remove environmental toxins, mycotoxins, xenoestrogens and heavy metals, this 'new interconnected weight loss method' is quickly becoming the new foundation of functional weight loss medicine.

Based upon predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory (meaning you can heal yourself) tools, it’ll be all about YOU individually - and what’s (really) going on inside your metabolic cells

Take full advantage of modern science, mother nature and everything I know about how to fast track your path to better health and wellness.

Building on the findings of your unique Comprehensive Metabolic Health Screen, you'll be guided how to remove the specific toxins heavy metals and xenoestrogens  within your body so you restore hormones and the health of your metabolic cells - because it's your time to be a healthy body weight!

Advanced Protocols To Restore Metabolism ...


x6 1 hour Private Natural Weight Loss Coaching Sessions (Virtual or in clinic) (valued at $1080)

  • Expert guidance and support to guide you through environmental toxin and xenoestrogen elimination
  • Heavy metal chelation & removal for hormonal & metabolic health
  • Natural strategies to restore hormone balance to improve fertility
  • Optimize mitochondrial function
  • Restore overall body health
Change your path to wellness.

Includes everything in the MASSATTACK® BASIC Quick Start Package $149

Includes everything in the STANDARD MASSATTACK®  Health Check package $497

Total Weight Loss Support Package Value


You SAVE over $700!

If you've tried to do it on your own and are ready to REALLY make a difference, then work with me closely and get ready to have a healthy metabolism! Here's what you do next:


Metabolic Health Check



MASSATTACK Metabolic Health Check

Stop fumbling in the dark. You are not the problem, the traditional model of weight treatment is the problem! It's fundamentally flawed and broken! Experience less weight loss attempts and more chances of losing weight naturally with the MASSATTACK® weight loss model.

Pioneering the new science of ZONE®, MASSATTACK® is the only weight loss assessment that combines all metabolic wellness components to give you a complete blueprint of what and how you need to change to become a healthy body weight and feel good.

Developed on a powerful and proven system that works particularly well for those when diet and exercise has failed, by working alongside me, you'll find answers and do away with trial and error prescribing. Discover your nutrient deficiencies, metabolic & toxin risks, health risks and personalized foods. It's your roadmap for great health!

Complete Blueprint of What You Need to Do to Lose Weight Sooner

Includes x1 Comprehensive Metabolic Health Screen including environmental pollutants and hidden factors stopping you from maintaining a healthy body weight.

Your personalized metabolic health blue print

Expert analysis of existing lab results and lab test recommendations


Plus 2x 30 min Metabolic Health Discovery Sessions valued at $180

PLUS Includes everything in the basic package $149

Total package Value $826

You Save Over $300!

If you're ready to Be Metabolically Fit and want to experience becoming healthier sooner then here's what you do next:

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