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Narelle Stegehuis M Sci, BHSc, Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Narelle Stegehuis is an experienced and respected clinician who specialises in womens health, corrective endocrinology and weight maintenance. She loves supporting women to reach their individual health goals and improve their quality of life.

She has completed extensive training including the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Health Science and the Masters of Science (Herbal Medicine). She is currently completing further studies in reproductive health and autoimmunity.

She is a keynote speaker, author and educator to peers both within the complementary medicines industry and wider community. She is an industry consultant and is a regular spokesperson for her profession.

To ensure that she is continually growing and developing as a clinician, Narelle receives regular supervision from a number of experts in Complementary Medicine, Counselling and other areas. Additionally she holds professional memberships with associations both locally and overseas and works closely with a number of health centres around the country to foster a collaborative and integrative approach for her patients.

Her devotion and dedication to a core philosophy of food as medicine supports her strong beliefs in promoting sustainable health. Passionate about empowering women to lead happier and healthier lives, she has helped many women across Australia effectively manage their health & turn their lives around.

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