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MassAttack is the simplest way to have the benefits of a full Naturopathic consultation and weight loss support from the comfort of your own home.

We understand how difficult it can be juggling work or the kids and finding time for yourself. As they say: a woman's work is never done!

So the MassAttack Program has been designed to fit in with your time, rather than you fit in with ours!

That's why the program is available completely online, so you can access it easily without the appointments, the travel, and the extra time involved. And naturally we can also mail the program to those that do not have internet access.

But please be clear... even though it's online, you are still getting a complete personalised assessment from our expert Naturopathic team as if you are having a face to face personal consultation. The team also will ring you if they need to chat to you further and of course you are most welcome to ring them.

Our online questionnaire is designed to ask you all of the important questions to determine exactly what is going on with your health, hormones and your weight. It has been tested and proven time and time again to reveal the symptoms and causes of weight gain, whether we are sitting face to face or not! Once we know your hormonal profile we can recommend what will help you lose weight and get rid of those unpleasant signs & symptoms.

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