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Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, weight loss naturopath online specialist

Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, lose weight naturally

Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, natural weightloss

Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, international patients

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MassAttack was developed for women as a consequence of treating my own hormonal imbalance.

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Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, hormone cause weight gain in women

Weight loss programs, lose weight, quick, fast, hormones, women, female, secrets, tips, natural, massattack twitter

Tummy Fat Diet - Weight Loss Program for Belly Fat

How To Lose Unwanted Tummy and Belly Fat

Tummy Fat, Diet, Belly Fat

Tummy fat may not always have been your problem. In the past - you may have worried more about hips and thighs. Now your midsection is making up for lost time. What's the reason? The answer is not an easy one and after working with women for over 14 years, I have found that each woman is different and the reasons are multi demensional. The good news is, you can lose Tummy and Belly Fat with my unique weight loss program.

The MassAttack Tummy Fat Diet, will help to discover the hidden causes of your weight gain around the tummy and put a stop to belly fat. There is no miracle cure that will help one lose tummy fat, but by understanding the underlying causes of belly fat, you can start to make a difference and lose weight.

As you age and your metabolism slows down, the amount of fat in your body slowly increases. Women experience an even greater fat percentage increase than men do. Then after menopause, your body fat distribution tends to shift - less in your arms, legs and hips, and more in your abdomen.

While a slowing metabolism and decreased physical activity contribute to overall weight gain as you age, those factors don't influence visceral fat accumulation directly. Heredity may be the culprit - you may simply have inherited a tendency to gain weight in your midsection. Hormones also play a role. Hormonal changes after menopause may change the way that your body breaks down and stores fat, leading to more fat accumulating in your belly.

Some women even experience a widening waist without gaining any weight. Although you may not be gaining extra fat, your abdominal fat is increasing as limb and hip fat decreases. Even in women of a normal weight, too much fat concentrated in the midsection is unhealthy.

Tummy Fat - Understanding the Types Of Tummy Fat In Women

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The stomach is one of the most obstinate fat zones for many women. This is because of the 'type' of fat stored in the abdominal region. There are two types of tummy fat. One is subcutaneous, or right beneath the skin - the fat you can pinch and try to diet away before summer. Deeper visceral fat that surrounds the liver and other abdominal organs is the type of fat that impacts upon health. The more visceral fat you have, the more at risk your health is.

Tummy Fat is dangerous because it is this fat that is metabolized by the liver, turning it into cholesterol and circulating that through the blood. This results in a dangerous plaque buildup and a consequently narrowing of the arteries. The more visceral\abdominal fat you have, the more likely you are to suffer heart disease, diabetes, stroke, metabolic syndrome and hypertension.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and gallstones have all been linked to visceral fat and recent research has expanded that list to include the development of Alzheimers disease and other forms of dementia later in life. Visceral fat is a toxic fat that produces harmful substances that cause inflammation, disrupting blood flow to the heart and possibly the brain, which could be one reason for its link to dementia. Infact this inflammation caused by "sick fat" can cause damage to the actual fat cell wall and disrupt metabolic functioning, slowing your metabolism and effectively putting you in "fat saving mode". Fat cell sickness is believed to be one of the leading causes of weight gain in women.

Tummy Fat - How It Makes You Fatter!

Making matters worse, tummy fat might have the capacity to reproduce itself. Canadian researchers have found that abdominal fat produces a hormone that prompts the development of cells that turn into fat.

Researchers also have found that abdominal fat cells aren't just dormant energy waiting to be burned up. The cells are active, producing hormones and other substances that can affect your health. For example, some fat-cell-produced hormones can promote insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes; others can produce estrogen after menopause, which may increase your breast cancer risk. Researchers are still sorting out how the excess hormones affect overall health, but they do know that too much visceral fat can disrupt the body's normal hormonal balance.

Furthermore, the link between stress and fat is well-established. Stress hormones like cortisol block weight loss around the middle because, despite adequate or excess calories, the body interprets prolonged stress as a famine and goes into hoarding mode, making it impossible for you to lose tumy fat.

Tummy Fat Diet - What causes Tummy Fat?

Tummy Fat comes from high blood insulin levels. To prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high after you eat, your pancreas releases insulin, which converts blood sugar to a type of fat called triglyceride. Insulin drives triglycerides into the fat cells in your belly. Insulin also acts on the brain to make you eat more and on your liver to manufacture more fat, and on the fat cells in your belly to store that fat.

The liver removes insulin from the bloodstream, but insulin causes fat to be deposited in the liver which prevents the liver from removing insulin from the bloodstream. People with fat bellies store too much fat in their livers, which prevents the livers from removing insulin, so insulin levels rise higher and higher to cause heart attacks, more abdominal obesity and eventually diabetes. If you store fat primarily in your belly, you should restrict refined carbohydrate intake.

Fat cells in your belly are different from those on your hips. The blood that flows from belly fat goes directly to your liver, whereas the blood that flows from your hips goes into your general circulation. The livers of those who store fat in their bellies are blocked from removing insulin by the extra fat and therefore do not remove insulin from the bloodstream as effectively as the livers of people who store fat primarily in their hips.

Sit-ups are fine for strengthening your belly muscles, but don't believe they will get rid of a fat stomach. Exercising a muscle does not get rid of fat over the specific muscles that are exercised. If it did, tennis players would have less fat in their tennis arms, but they don't. The only way to reduce a fat belly is to lose weight overall, and any type of exercise will help you to lose weight.

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  • A sedentary lifestyle lacking physical activity will increase tummy fat.
  • Diet - an unbalanced high calorie diet, particularly without exercise causes tummy fat in women
  • Hormonal imbalances are linked to tummy fat
  • Toxins cause sick fat and fat cell sickness linked to tummy fat
  • Inflammation is a main contributor to tummy fat in women
  • Genetics - current research supports genetic influences causing tummy fat

Do You Want To Stop Tummy Fat?

Cravings, sugar, food, stop cravings, weight loss, sugar, sweet, salt, free hormone health test

Tummy Fat Diet - Other factors that cause tummy fat in women

  • Stress hormones cause tummy fat
  • Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOS) is a leading cause of tummy fat
  • Fibroids are well researched to cause tummy fat in women
  • Thyroid imbalance is linked to tummy fat
  • Genetics such as the MTFHR, SSAT and CRTC3 genes determine whether some people are more likely to develop visceral fat then others
  • Smoking creates the same hormones as stress
  • Medications such as the birth control pill, anti depressants, hypertensive medications and cortisone.
  • Digestive dysbiosis such as Candida, Constipation, and Bloating

Tummy Fat Diet - How Do You Lose Unwanted Belly Fat?

Unfortunately losing tummy fat is not as simple as doing crunches or buying an ab machine to flatten their stomach. When you have tummy fat, you actually have extra flab all over your body. It just may look worse in the tummy zone. Or maybe you have the type of body frame that gains a disproportionate amount in your tummy area.

None the less to lose tummy fat, it's important you understand that you will never lose your tummy fat until you get your entire body into shape.

Our bodies don't know how to eliminate fat in one area so in order to burn the fat in the tummy, you have to burn it all over. Cardio exercises are the best way to accomplishing this.

The first place you tend to put it on will be the last place it comes off. The reason everyone has those "stubborn" spots is because each of us is born with a genetic pattern of fat storage. In women, the stubborn areas tend to be hips, thighs, and the waist. Many women slave away month after month trying to exercise specific areas of their body with the idea that fat will be burned directly off the area they are working. Training the abdominals every day with hundreds of repetitions will certainly tighten and tone the muscles, but it will do almost nothing to remove the fat obscuring the muscles. The best way to burn the layer of flab from your midsection is not to do more abdominal exercise, but to do more cardiovascular exercise. Aerobic exercise is the real secret to burning fat. Walking, jogging, bicycling, elliptical exercise and stairclimbing are all great fat burners.

Most people give up too early in the fat burning workout. During the first 10 minutes of aerobic activity, glycogen (stored carbohydrates) is the primary fuel source. If you stop after 20 minutes, you are only getting half of your workout done! You get the cardiovascular health benefits, but you do not get much fat loss. Because you do not burn significant amounts of fat until glycogen stores are depleted. The key to maximum fat loss is to work out aerobically for 30-60 minutes continuously per session. Even if you are doing cardio every day, without a good balanced diet suited to your individual profile, you still will not see results.

The good news is, my award winning weight loss program is designed to address the underlying causes of tummy fat in women.

My naturopathic health and weight loss program is not a diet. It's a program to bring your body back into balance, restore health and achieve a healthy weight. Researching weight loss and women's health for over 14 years, I know that for many women the simple formula of eat less and exercise more will not work for healthy, sustainable weight loss. Plus, often there are other symptoms and health issues that need addressing. Symptoms are your bodies warning signs that something is wrong and clues to what's causing your tummy fat. Without addressing these, over time they can cause more complex health concerns and more unexplained weight gain.

Not sure why losing tummy fat and weight loss is so difficult?

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Tummy Fat is one of the hardest areas to lose, but with correct treatment and professional guidance you can lose tummy fat and keep it off.

"Stress levels are coming down and so is my tummy fat. I'm generally feeling not as 'edgy' as I was. Energy levels seem to be getting better slowly as well. My pimples/acne have almost gone away." KD

"My husband will tell you I'm a changed woman. I'm off the antidepressants, and I believe the naturopathic diet not only stopped my urgency [to urinate] but helped me lose about 18 kilos in 10 months." YM


Here are my 5 steps to Losing Tummy Fat Guaranteed!

Step 1. Identify the factors that are contributing to your tummy fat and develop a natural health and weight loss program to kick start your metabolism.

Step 2. Teach you which foods you should be avoiding to lose tummy fat.

Step 3. Guide you to implement a natural, targeted nutritional treatment plan specifically tailored to your biochemical profile to lose tummy fat.

Step 4. Introduce targeted natural remedies to accelerate weight loss and melt tummy fat.

Step 5. Give you access to a professional support network that, together, will guide and help you to change unhealthy lifestyle choices that contribute to your tummy fat.

So many women have joined MassAttack and been successful in their health and weight loss goals. The key is to learn the truth about hormones and the truth about the foods that can work against your hormonal profile.

Turn your health around and feel like you again!

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