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Restore Balance, Reverse Depletion, Love Life and Lose Weight

Support Healthy Hormone Balance With Food

Every woman is different, and every day food choices have a dramatic influence on your hormones. This is why knowing what to eat according to your unique hormonal profile is fundamental to healthy hormone balance and great health.

Food is an essential part of the art of living and should be savored, enjoyed and respected. We endorse positive 'back to basics' eating. Quality and variety over quantity. Wholesome, nutritious and natural foods eaten as close to their original form as possible. DIET is a 4 letter word and you won't find it in our vocabulary! Life is simply too short. No more 'all or nothing', 'feast or famine' we're all about a healthier relationship with food, where it's a simple pleasure not an obsession.


We inspire you to learn about the food you eat - with recipes, creative meal plans, information on local providores and simple, easy to adopt habits.


Exercise and food should be viewed as part of your overall lifestyle. We want you to keep reading, learning and experiencing - a new place to dine; a holiday destination; a new cookbook. Stay inspired with our newsletter, blog and special events (wine tastings, cooking classes for a start) and learn to truly savour life!


Everyone needs exercise in some form or other. To be healthy. To feel good. To look good. We believe that exercise is about more than just weight loss or athletic ability - it's about gaining health.

Natural Healing and Support

Incorporating the latest scientific findings and clinical research, we guide you to eat in a way to restore balance to hormones, reverse depletion, beat fatigue and maintain a healthy body weight.

Western diets, foods of convenience, and other unhealthy dietary habits can "muddle" the signals sent to cells throughout the body, fostering negative genetic (phenotypic) expression that leads to premature aging and chronic illness. What you eat does have a direct influence on how you feel. And addressing those eating patterns allows you to manage symptoms, lose weight and even halt or reverse the progression of your illnesses.

Expert guidance ensures your every day food choices are working with and not against you.

Your 90 Day Program is structured into 3 phases:

PHASE 1 - Targeted Organ Restoration to Trigger Weight Loss in Just 7 Days

Based on the traditional naturopathic philosophy that toxins trigger health problems, this phase targets major organs of detoxification and removes triggers to hormonal imbalances and weight gain. This phase ensures your body will not be fighting us the whole way; slowing down your progress.

This phase works in five ways: massage

1. Helps maintain healthy functioning of the digestive system

2. Supports liver, kidney and lymphatic function

3. Helps cleanse the bowel and maintain healthy gut flora

5. Assists in decreasing Free Radical Accumulation and hormone disrupting chemicals

PHASE 2 - Accelerate Weight loss by Restoring Hormone Balance

Designed to really drill down and target your underlying health concerns. This includes addressing adrenal, central nervous system, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances, restoring depletion and enhancing normal functioning.

PHASE 3 - Ensure Long Lasting Results with Cellular and Metabolic Restoration

Incorporates the latest scientific findings and clinical research to ensure your cells and metabolism are at peak performance. This way you can reach optimal health and wellness.

These 3 phases accelerate your success; so you will gain more energy and see significant changes and improvements in your symptoms and weight.

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