High Protein Diet Explained

What makes Your Body Store Fat?

A high-protein weight loss program or diet is often recommended by bodybuilders and nutritionists to help improve muscle integrity and weight loss. It should not be confused with low-carb diets which are not calorie-controlled and which often contain large amounts of fat.

When you include weight training into your exercise routine, you are forcing your body to break down muscle. Your body will then try and repair the muscle so that when it grows back it grows back stronger - the result is muscle gain. Keeping protein intake high prevents the body from breaking down muscle tissue for fuel and will force the body to eat into your fat reserves.

For most healthy people, a high-protein diet generally isn't harmful if followed for a short time, such as three to four months, and may help with weight loss. However, the risks of using a high-protein diet - usually with carbohydrate restriction - for the long term are still being studied.

Several health problems may result if a high-protein diet is followed for an extended time. READ MORE

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