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Is it easier to try to lose weight if you are dissatisfied with your body? You'd think it should be, wouldn't you? Being motivated to start a diet, to exercise, to do something about your body should be at a boiling point if you're dissatisfied with your body. Yet, not liking your body can be the "motivation" you need to do just the opposite and keep your body just the way it is.

What we are talking about here is a woman who is discouraged because her body isn't the way she wants it to be. As a result, the dissatisfaction with her body does not give her the motivation incentives she needs to get out of this dilemma. Is this a form of depression? Probably serious discouragement is a more appropriate diagnosis.

How many of you suffer from this state: body dissatisfaction, loss of motivation, deep discouragement that is so much a part of you when you try to lose weight? What will it take to change your state of mind? If this is you, the problem you will have to solve is how to not get discouraged to the point where discouragement becomes "a way of life" in your weight loss journey.

This means finding ways out of the discouragement pit that you are in. In this regard, take a look and see how self-critical you are because you are not able to lose weight. Self-criticism, especially excessive self-criticism, may be a key factor here. You might not even recognise that you are so critical of yourself. It may, along with chronic discouragement about your body image, have become so much a part of you that you don't even know you're doing it.

You might also have to fight through your discouragement and try to find some things about your body that satisfy you. Here's a short list of possibilities regarding what your body is good at: stamina to do housework, holding and hugging the kids, activities like driving that require coordination, taking you nicely through each work day. In fact, identifying the ways in which your body is working well for you can increase your body satisfaction. As a result, you become better able to use this moderated amount of dissatisfaction as good motivation to try to lose weight.

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