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Wouldn't you tell someone that feeling in control and being in control is so important when it comes to long-term weight loss? But having to exercise too much control, as everyone knows, can backfire on you. It can have the opposite effect and you then lose control or have periods of poor control.

Is it true then that there are limits to the amount control we can exert over how much or what we eat? It probably is true to a great degree. Having to use too much control is a lot like physical exercise. If you exercise past your level of physical capability, you feel totally depleted of energy. Exercising excessive control over what you eat and how much you eat can lead to the same depletion effect.

Being in control for most women who try to lose weight means that they feel they can override their tendency to go out of control and violate their weight loss plan, like they used to do. It is the threat of reverting to this old tendency that they are now trying hard to control. And it's "defending against" such a threat that saps our "control energy".

One of the things that happen with women who enjoy successful weight loss is that somewhere in the process of changing from overeater to normal eater, they begin to not defend themselves against this threat. They no longer have to exert such control over themselves and their behaviour. Instead, they rely more and more on affirming themselves and what they're trying to accomplish. Self-affirmation like this neutralises the threat for them. They take a more positive view, a forward-looking view of their weight-loss process. They might even look back now and then and see that despite their lack of self-control, which caused their weight gain, they were nevertheless a solid enough person to do what it took to change their lives.

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