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PCOS Support and Management

The importance of Managing Your PCOS


PCOS Management

Effective management of PCOS should should focus on both the short and long term reproductive, metabolic and psychological features and implement diet, lifestyle, orthomolecular therapy and Western Herbal Medicine support. Once thesse factors are considered, medications canalso be considreed.

Making change can be challenging. This is why it is important to address psychological factors initially to optimise self-efficacy, readiness to change and sustainability of lifestyle interventions as well as to improve quality of life. Screening, assessment and treatment of depression and anxiety are vital, and recognition of other aspects of emotional wellbeing, including poor body image, sexual dysfunction, and disordered eating patterns - all more common among women with PCOS.

Optimal approaches to screening and assessment of emotional wellbeing among women with PCOS should be addressed among women with PCOS.

PCOS management should focus on support and education, and needs to strongly emphasise healthy lifestyle, with targeted medical and complementary therapy as required. Given the role of insulin resistance and obesity in PCOS, prevention of weight gain and the maintenance of a healthy body weight is fundamental since a modest weight loss of 5%-10% of initial body weight significantly reduces IR and has been demonstrated to ameliorate many of the features of PCOS.

Short-term diets rarely lead to permanent weight loss with PCOS, and lifestyle change requires behavioural change. Health-coaching principles that form the basis of the MassAttack program can be incorporated to optimise readiness to change, and include education to assist with motivation through education and tailoring the knowledge relevant to the individual.

At MassAttack, we take PCOS management seriously, which is why we get long lasting results. Based on the most up to date scientific research and clinical trials, we know that our program delivers results.

Natural solutions for PCOS

Naturopathic solutions for PCOS are successful and have helped many women heal their symptoms and achieve weight loss naturally.

With personalized tonics to heal you, professional support to guide you and knowledge to empower you, the energy and inspiration to turn your health, life and weight around is at your fingertips.

When you discover how to support your body and support PCOS reduction with a healthy, 100% natural diet and targeted treatment strategy, you will see and feel the results!

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If you have PCOS and if you sit back and do nothing about it, then you will gain weight and continue to feel unwell no matter how hard you exercise and how little you eat.

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